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Growing Sapience

- Drew Browne Founder & Director

For many years I had a successful career, working long hours for a government agency, advising on and teaching high level students in criminal law. For over a year I’d been working an average of 60-70 hours a week. Headaches, eye strain and a sore throat seemed to be just a way of life. I finally saw a doctor and was rushed into urgent surgery to remove a growth from my voice box. To cut a long story short, my illness cost me my job and my career.

'I had to start life again'

I had to start my life again – but this time with much healthier lifestyle and work habits. No one had ever taken the time to explain to me the value of financial advice, how to protect myself and my future with professional insurance, about choosing stable investment strategies, and how they all interacted with my life. I saw that the financial industry was fragmented and confusing to the average person. Any advice was limited to what products a particular professional had to sell. There had to be a better way.; Over the following years, I gained all of my formal qualifications and in 1999 established the company that was to become Sapience Financial Investment Services.

Getting all the qualifications

Australian Financial and Investment professionals today are required to complete continuing professional education (CPD) in every area of their expertise to help them stay current with the law and the skills needed to help clients. Today my relevant qualifications include:

  • Licensed and Qualified Financial Planner & Risk Advisor
  • Licensed and Qualified Financial Advisor
  • Real Estate Licensee in New South Wales and Queensland
  • Qualified and Licensed Credit Representative (Accredited Mortgage Broker)

My vision is to make financial life easier for my clients

Today, I see my role as helping my clients learn about these vital issues the easy way, so they can be better prepared for their own financial and investment challenges. For over 14 years, I've been helping people to take control of their financial situation – regardless of their age or where they are in life.

If you can relate to any of this information and would like a complimentary, no-obligation chat, please contact us today and request a Call Back at a time convenient to you here.

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Drew Browne's portrait
Drew Browne
Founder, Author & Senior Adviser @ Sapience Financial & Investment now celebrating 15+ years of helping Gen X & Y and Small Business Owners. Ask Drew about giving back to the community, special needs children & young adults, Fair Trade Coffee, & helping the worlds extreme poor out of poverty through microfinance – we dare you!

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