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protect-small-business-owneSelf employed & SME protection options?

Tradies, Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners.

Owning and running your own business or practice is more than just a job, It's often the place you've decided to invest a substantial amount of your personal time, focus and money and in the long run, it represents both income and capital value for you, and for those you care about most.

It’s a unique investment that needs to be safeguarded too. Let Sapience show you how to help protect this investment you've made in your business and safeguard you and your family, from the inevitable business financial risks.

Its a fact: many small business owners don’t hesitate to insure physical assets such as motors vehicles, plant and equipment. But they often overlook the importance of insuring themselves and protecting their family and their personal assets from unseen business risk.

Ask yourself (or ask your Spouse) these 9 Key Questions:

  • Is your personal home securing business debts?
  • Have you ever given a Director's Guarantee to the business's loans or trade accounts?
  • Are there multiple directors in the one business all with different families?
  • Would you be forced to sell your share of the business if you were sick & unable to work
  • If your business has trade debts or received investment funding, do you and other key people have suitable insurance protection to allow your business to continue if you can't?
  • As a business principal, have you Insured the people who play a Key Role in your business's ongoing success and profitability?
  • If there is more than one Director tol the business, have you established a continuation agreement funded by insurance to protect you from the others death and disability risk?
  • If you run your business through a structure such as a company or trust, do you have Income Protection Insurance in place for yourself, or at the very least, do you have Fixed Overhead Costs Insurance in place for your business?
  • If you can't answer these questions or if the issues raised haven't yet been talked about, make a point of contacting us today to discuss your personal situation (or a situation your spouse may find themselves in).

Sapience understands small business and can show you how to protect yourself.

Money Saving Tip

When taking out insurances, consider paying Level rather than Stepped premiums? By using such a strategy, you could pay fixed lower premiums over the full life of a policy, and make your cover more affordable at a time when you need it most. For 6 more was to save money on your personal & business insurances, read our article here.

Contact us today to find out which strategies might work for your personal situation and get your questions answered by someone that understands small business. We know that you are busy so we make it easy - we work when and where it suits you.

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