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Sapience Carers

The special needs of carers and those they care for.

It doesn't take long in life before you meet those special people, often unsung heroes, that we call Carers and to learn about how they strive daily to protect and provide for those less fortunate. Usually extremely busy people with more to do than time to do it in, it's common to find that they have not yet thought about how to protect themselves and to provide for their own future.

Sometimes special needs are seen early on in a child's life, sometimes an accident or a medical tragedy is the start for the need of special care and more often than not we all at some point will become aware of the difficulties experienced by aging parents and loved one's.

Whether you're a Carer with a full time job, whether you are now a full time Carer or you know and support someone who is, Sapience is able to provide financial and risk protection guidance and work alongside associated professionals to help develop a long-term financial strategy for you.

Contact us if you would like to know more about this specialised service.

If you're looking for resources and options about how financial and investment services might help in your situation, click here to read more about Additional and Special Needs options.

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Drew Browne
Founder, Author & Senior Adviser @ Sapience Financial & Investment now celebrating 15+ years of helping Gen X & Y and Small Business Owners. Ask Drew about giving back to the community, special needs children & young adults, Fair Trade Coffee, & helping the worlds extreme poor out of poverty through microfinance – we dare you!

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